How to install Senayan Slims(library management system)

How to Install Slims in localhost


  • How to download slims
  • How to install slims
  • How to configure slims

Open a web browser and type download slims

Click on the url

Download slims from here

Click on the below links to download slims

After Downloading,Unzip the file

  • If you want to run in xampp,copy the file and paste it in the htdocs folder.
  • If you want to run in Cpanel or Hpanel,copy the file and paste it in the public_html folder.

Create a new database

Add user account

Give all privilages

open the web browser and type localhost/slims,this type of interface open

After this click on get started

  • YAZ is optional so we have no need to install it
  • Now make all the Pre-installation steps writable
  • To make pre-installation step writable open the slims folder and give the permission.
  • For give the permission click, right click on the folder and click on get info and give permission to everyone of (read and write)
Give same permission to all the steps,All steps become writable
After click on next button,Install the slims
Now give database name and user name,now click on next
Now create password and generate dummy data if u need and run the installation

After successfull installation this type of windows open.

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